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Company profile

 Zhaoqing Ao Yi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is a machinery manufacturing enterprise of producing vacuum equipment. The most engineers and technicians in the company took part in the constructions of the national backbone enterprise in vacuum. They also directly participated the research and development of a plurality of "domestic first" projects, such as the first to produce aluminum instead of silver production equipment; the first to produce Low-E magnetron sputtering vacuum coating production line; the first to produce moving target...

Specific target structure, sputtering rate

can be plated without Ken color, wear and corrosion of imitation gold film, colorful film, peacock blue and so on film.


Flagship product

Automlbile and Motorcycle Hub High Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering Coating EquipmentAir to Air Contionuous Winding Coating Production LineMagnetron sputtering coating line (Low-E line)Large curvature, multi-function vacuum magnetron sputtering coating machineSilicone oil filling evaporation vacuum coating machineMagnetron sputtering high vacuum winding coating machine

Plastic decorative multipurpose vacuum coating equipment

After the surface is mainly used for plastic products, ceramics and other pre-treatment of metal film deposition, colorful film, imitation gold film


Conventional product

Ornament Multi-Use Plastic Coating EquipmentJT Series Magnetic-Control Sputter Coating EquipmentsDM,ZZ Seris Glass Vacuum Coating EquipmentHigh Vacuum Coating System for Optical and Electronic IndustriesTG Series poly-Arc Ion Coating EquipmentMagnetron souttering coating line for low-emission act wall glass

Zhaoqing Ao Yi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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